“I feel like I’ve lived a league of lives and done so many things and seen so many things and I want to do as much as a I can and push myself as far into as many characters as I can"
"   At times I feel that I may be a very cold and unemotional person and at times I wish I wasn’t so mentally vulnerable. I do tend to stand on the outside sometimes.   "
-David Bowie, 1973 (via mercurieux)

Central Entrance to Sikandra
Photograph by W. Caney
India (Agra), British Raj, 1880

This photograph shows the southern gateway to the tomb complex of the Mughal emperor Akbar (r. 1556-1605) at Sikandra outside Agra inside the garden complex. It was taken by W. Caney in the 1880s for the Archaeological Survey of India. The gateway comprises the high central arched entrance or ‘pishtaq’ shown here flanked by smaller arches on two storeys. It is faced in red sandstone with white marble on the minarets above. The red sandstone surfaces are decorated with both inlaid and tessellated coloured marble mosaics of floral arabesques and geometric panels. Although the gateway is largely Persian in style, the four square domed kiosks on the roof are derived from local architectural traditions. This combination of architectural styles mirrors that of the mausoleum contained within the complex, which is a unique fusion of traditionally Hindu and imported Islamic forms. This catholic approach to architectural style is often cited as an indication of Akbar’s own tolerant views and interest in a wide range of religious philosophies.
"   Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people.   "
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"   I wonder if you know yet that you’ll leave me. That you are a child playing with matches and I have a paper body. You will meet a girl with a softer voice and stronger arms and she will not have violent secrets or an affection for red wine or eyes that never stay dry. You will fall into her and I’ll go back to spending Friday nights with ones who never learn my last name. I have chased off every fool who has tried to sleep beside me. You think it’s romantic to fuck the girl who writes poems about you. You think I’ll understand your sadness because I live inside my own. But I will show up at your door at 2am, wild eyed and sleepless and try and find some semblance of peace in your breastbone and you will not let me in. You will tell me to go home.   "

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From As Often as Miracles, available here!

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In the end I believe scientists are hopeless romantics desperate in love with the idea that the world makes sense.

Scientists have broken hearts and by combining toxic elements and reading the stars, they are able to write poetry.

-Royla Asghar, The Astronomy Series #7 (via humanflower)

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